2017 Flower & Garden Show – ORGC Wins Photography Awards

Over the weekend of February 23 through February 26, The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut hosted the 2017 Connecticut Flower and Garden Show, “Woodland Enchantment,” at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.  We’re proud to announce that ORGC members Renee Marsh and Kimberly Wehger were awarded First, Second, and Third Place across two Photography classes.

The competition featured several Photography classes, including “Wood Nymphs” (a photograph of children at play), “Sunlit Garden” (a photograph incorporating sunlight in a garden), “Behind a Garden Wall” (a photograph incorporating a garden wall), “From Tiny Acorns” (a close-up photograph of any part of a tree), “Captivating Forest” (a photograph showcasing a forest), and “Creatures in the Woods” (a photograph of an insect, amphibian, or animal found in or on the edge of the woods).  Only six entries were allowed in each category, and entry was eligible for all members of National Garden Clubs.

In the “Behind a Garden Wall” class, Kimberly Wehger received First Place for her photo, “Beyond the Brick Wall,” from Hollister House Garden in Washington, CT.  Renee Marsh received Second Place for her photo, “Another Door Opens,” from a garden in Westchester County, NY.

In the “Sunlit Garden” class, Kimberly Wehger received Third Place for her photo, “Flowered Walk to a Sunlit Gazebo,” from Maywood Gardens in Bridgewater, CT.

If you missed the exhibit that weekend, we’re delighted to share Renee’s and Kimberly’s winning works here!



The “Behind a Garden Wall” class featured photo entries of garden walls, including both brick and stone walls as well as wooden fences and hedgerows.




First Place, Behind a Garden Wall class:
“Beyond the Brick Wall” by Kimberly Wehger (2016)
A doorway in a brick wall at the Hollister House Gardens in Washington, CT.

Second Place, Behind a Garden Wall class:
“Another Door Opens” by Renee Marsh (2016)
An opened wood door set in a stone wall in a Westchester County, NY garden.



The “Sunlit Garden” class featured photo entries of flowers, garden accents, and garden architecture bathed in sunlight, from cheery brightness to the creative play of shadows.



Third Place, Sunlit Garden class:
“Flowered Walk to a Sunlit Gazebo” by Kimberly Wehger (2016)
A woodland garden of flower-lined grass walkway and wooden gazebo at Maywood Gardens in Bridgewater, CT.

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  1. Congratulations to Renee and Kimberly! The photography exhibits were all wonderful. So happy to see you both were recognized for your work.

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